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At a certain level, it is no longer about gaining profit, but keeping the values of the asset.

We do not suggest usual stock market strategies. Furthermore we are looking for niches as asset allocation or financial interests. Another values are sustainability and responsibility. So we are looking to find investments like renewable energies or socially fair trade opportunities.

Currently we offer participations in a internet-domain start-up company.
Four types of investment are possible:


  • Bank Guarantee
  • Silent Partnership
  • Partner in a Limited Company
  • Direct Partner to Holding Company


Bank Guarantee

Amount: EUR 500.000,- (not physically, just granting the guarantee)
0 %
Period: 7 Years
Output: 5 % anually


Silent Partnership

Amount: EUR 500.000,-
Share: 0 %
Period: 5-7 Years
Output: 6-10 % anually


Partner in a Limited Company

Amount: EUR 1.000.000,-
Share: 35 %
Period: 7 Years
Output: 10-14 % anually (from 2nd year)


Direct Partner to Holding Company

Amount: EUR 10.000.000,-
Share: 40 %
Period: 5 Years
Output: 14 % anually (from 2nd year)


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